1 Year of Prayers of a Daisy

December 29th marks one year since I launched my blog and published my first post on Prayers of a Daisy. What a year it has been!

In honor of this milestone, I hope you’ll join me as I reflect a bit on the journey I’ve shared on the blog over the past 12 months.

First off, why did I even start this blog? To be completely honest, I just needed a space where I could share my experiences, let my voice be heard, and get the message out there that life and faith do not always go according to plan—and that it’s okay.

And, looking back, I think these things are exactly what the blog has stayed true to.

Without hesitation, I can say that this past year was the most difficult year of my life. A person can be going through hell even if their external circumstances are relatively stable; that was certainly the case for me. On the outside, I had all I could ever need—yet on the inside, the very foundations of my identity and my faith in Jesus had almost completely collapsed.

I started Prayers of a Daisy deep in the throes of depression and completely lost in a sea of confusion. I shared about getting on antidepressants and beginning to meet with a psychologist. Not long after, I wrote about the healing power of relationships and how a weekend in Canada with friends showed me the true cause of my depression.

Emotionally alive again, I then ventured into online dating and met the man who’d fill the rest of my 2017 with more happiness and laughter than I ever could’ve imagined. With his help, Prayers of a Daisy officially relaunched and I dove into learning all I could about reaching others through blogging.

I found a family of kindred hearts, a small group of Jesus-followers running after emotional healing like me who were asking similar questions. The happiest I had been in many months, I slowly and successfully weaned myself off antidepressants.

Today, I am the healthiest emotionally I can ever recall being. I am wrapping up 2017 with an additional part time job I am excited about. And I’m excited to begin planning a future with my fiancé!

I continue to wrestle with my faith and to keep walking this wild journey with Jesus. Life today could not be any more different than what I thought it’d be like just 365 days ago. It’s still crazy, messy, and hard, but I am free.

To my readers, thank you for traveling this road with me. I’m looking forward to what will continue unfolding along the path ahead in the New Year.

To my friends and family, thank you for the love and support that helped me through the rough times and stuck by my side through the worst of it.

And, as always, let’s keep journeying toward wholehearted living and authentic faith—together.

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