What if life isn’t so black and white? What if being a follower of Jesus isn’t so cut-and-dried?

What if God wants to shatter your understanding of Him and show you more of who He truly is?

I am a twenty-something young adult who uses writing to work through the endless stream of thoughts my introverted mind comes up with. Since graduating college in 2016, I’m asking a lot of tough questions about the “real” world, my Christian faith, and how exactly to go about being an adult.

My writings are more than just journal entries. They, truthfully, are my prayers—my raw, personal conversations with myself and with Jesus. Topics you can expect to see engaged with on my blog include faith, college and post-college living, mental health, and relationships. You can also expect some quirky humor, slight sarcasm, and passionate discourses about writing music, art, and chocolate. 🙂

It is my hope that this can be a place for open reflection and conversation for those of us who find what we’ve always believed no longer seems to fit with our life experiences. So bring your questions, your doubts, your experiences, and your thoughts. Pull up a chair, and let’s challenge our heads and engage our hearts together.

I invite you to come along with me on my journey to ask honest questions, think deeply, and move toward more authentic faith in God.

Your wallflower,