What do you do when your worldview gets shattered?

How do you begin picking up the pieces after reality breaks your ideas about how life and faith are supposed to work?

My story is one of inadvertently being set on a path of reevaluating what I really believe and why. I was the good little Christian who thought she had life figured out, until life threw some curveballs and I realized I didn’t. On this journey, I’ve learned you can either turn around and run back into the comfort of familiarity, or you can determine to move forward into being true to yourself.

Despite my fears, I’ve chosen the latter. And it’s been worth every step.

Welcome to my corner of the internet where I wrestle with what it means to be wholeheartedly, authentically, and imperfectly human. More than journal musings, my writings truthfully are my prayers—my raw, personal conversations with myself, with my tribe, and with God.

So what about you, friend? Looking for a safe space to think outside the lines, to grow your understanding, and to walk deeper into who you really are? Pull up a chair, and let’s challenge our heads and engage our hearts together.