It’s here!! The Millennial’s Guide to Real Life, Following Jesus, & Being an Adult!


I am so excited to finally share with you one of my blogging projects I’ve been working on the past few months! Introducing,

The Millennial’s Guide to Real Life,

Following Jesus, & Being an Adult

Allow me to share a bit of the story that inspired this project. Once upon a time I was fresh out of college, and it wasn’t too long before I was hit pretty hard with many new realities about life and faith I had never been faced with before.

Struggling with daunting questions about jobs, relationships, finances, and my Christian faith, I searched desperately for resources that could help me find my way through this overwhelming new chapter of life. I needed practical help—and to know that I wasn’t alone.

With persistence and patience, I slowly began to discover resources that helped me go from barely treading water to successfully staying afloat. These websites, tools, books, and more were adulting life-savers.

And now, I’m excited to announce that you can get my guide featuring 50+ adulthood resources for free right here!

I’ve put together just the kind of resource list I wish I could’ve had starting out on my journey into adulthood. Whether you’re in college, fresh out of school, or are already a seasoned adult, this guide has resources everyone can benefit from.

So check it out for yourself! Find help, encouragement, and wisdom from these amazing sources. And let’s keep figuring out life and faith together.

Your wallflower,


Click here to download the guide 🙂

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